A Quick Dive Into Knowing Indian Jewellery

A Quick Dive Into Knowing Indian Jewellery

Jewellery enhances and completes any plain look into a solid 10 when worn right. Apart from beauty point of view, off late jewellery has become more about communicating one’s personality which is why a plethora of new touches and hints are added while making today’s jewellery. Inspiration to the jewellery designs, motifs and embellishments are now being drawn from the interests of contemporary women. Arguably, jewellery is the way to strike a head-on impression no matter what event or occasion it is. Let us see more aspects about the significance and roots of Indian jewellery and the phases surpassed.

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History of Jewellery in India

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The now-globally appreciated Indian jewellery has its roots dated back to over 5000 years ago. The relationship between Indian women and their love to adorn themselves with jewellery has only been reinforcing ever since. The earliest traces of jewellery in India were discovered from Indus valley civilization. Initially, Indian jewellery was all about beads, stones and strings. But with time, the art and workmanship in creating aesthetic and intricate designs has levelled up resulting in phenomenal styles and designs.

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Jewellery has also played a significant role in beautifying Indian traditional dance forms like Kuchipudi, Kathak, Bharatanatyam, etc. The royal patronage from ancient Indian rulers and the earnest skills of jewellers are the two colossal pillars behind the evolution and enrichment of jewellery designs over the centuries.

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Jewellery in Present-day Scenario

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As mentioned, the representation of jewellery is now considered beyond beauty or appearance. It is as much how it makes you feel as it makes you look. Some women choose authentic traditional styles while others fancy wearing minimal and muted designs. Several factors like occasion, occupation and personal taste also play chief roles in selection of jewellery. Traditional designs have a great edge when it comes to events like weddings and festivals.

On the flip side, jewellery with minimal designs work perfect for everyday styling. The beauty of a piece of jewellery lies in its details and finish. A variety of fusion designs are being incorporated in making Indian jewellery keeping in mind the needs of contemporary women.

Other Aspects of Jewellery

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In India, jewellery has been considered as an asset since times immemorial. It is used as needed during the financial crisis which makes it even more valuable. There are many claimed as well as proven health and spiritual benefits of jewellery. For instance, wearing pure-gold is said to control the growth of cancers and improve blood circulation. Silver jewellery is proven to expel heat from one’s body and copper jewellery is popularly known to relieve joint stiffness and joint pains in the human body.

From an astrology standpoint, certain gemstones used in jewellery are purposefully employed in a way to hone and align with one’s mind-body balance. And not to mention, the very obvious aspect is it’s beauty. Jewellery adds elegance to any outfit and gives the beholders all the more reasons to adore you.

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The bottom line is, there are endless reasons to love jewellery and they are only going to increase, forevermore!

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