Christmas 2021: Jewellery Styling Ideas That Live Up to The Festive Theme!

Christmas 2021: Jewellery Styling Ideas That Live Up to The Festive Theme!

Christmas is that time of the year where you want everything perfect - decoration, outfits, presents, and whatnot. There are less than 10 days left for Christmas and if you aren't yet done with the shopping, get ready to see your anxiety surge in a couple of days. No, not kidding, the clock is ticking, and you really don't want to do last-minute shopping (yet again). 

Not to mention, you've got many Christmas parties to attend and/or host. We are sure you've plenty of ideas in mind as far as outfits are concerned. But again, outfits aren't everything. What are you wearing with those outfits is the real question (and TBH, a tough one too). We're here to help you out with the same. Below are some fantastic Christmas themed ethnic jewellery ideas for Christmas 2022 that will not fail you and your festive theme. Scroll to find them out!

Jewellery That Goes Well With The Christmas Themes: Ideas and Best Picks!

Well, Christmas reminds us of many things at once - Santa, x-mas tree, snowflakes, chocolates, bells, and all things glittery. It's safe to take these colours and shades as the base for your Christmas party outfits and accessories. Keeping the same in mind, we are here with some foolproof jewellery ideas and options you can try this Christmas.

● Ruby and Emerald Green Necklace Sets

The simplest way to fit into all Christmas parties is to combine red and green - be it kurtas, sarees, suits, or anything. Red and green are classic Christmas colours. It goes without saying that they're the most popular ones for Christmas themed outfits or jewellery. To pair with those, you can go with any necklace set studded with rubies and emerald green stones. There are a bunch of options in jewellery that include both of these. Check them out at

● Simple CZ Earrings

Try CZ earrings if you've decided to get dressed in western wear and want something to add elegance to your Christmas look. Simple CZ earrings with American diamonds are great for any parties and especially Christmas parties, where any amount of sparkle is much appreciated. CZ earrings with minimal designs will be a great addition to your collection as well since they go with pretty much every outfit.

● Finger Rings with Red or Green Stones

Another accessory you can use to jazz up your Christmas look is a finger-ring. Rings never go out of fashion, and they always add a classy touch to your entire fit. You can find rings studded with American diamonds, red and emerald green stones in multiple combinations that suit the Christmas theme. If you are looking for them, find some premium finger rings here.

● Jewellery Sets in White-Rhodium Polish

To keep up with the shiny, glittery Christmas vibe going on, you can go for CZ jewellery in white-rhodium polish. For outfits in white, red, green or anything christmass-y, white rhodium finish jewellery will be a really great option. Go for something sophisticated and elegant, like a necklace set or a pair of bangles. This type of jewellery also goes well with western wear outfits like gowns, skirts, maxi dresses, etc.

The key is to select jewellery in either Christmas colours or classics. Both ways, you win. Get your hands on our Christmas jewellery collection as soon as possible and get the festival started. We've linked some of our products for you to see. For more such stunning pieces, check out Let us know in the comments if these ideas worked.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
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