Gifting Ideas for the Ladies This Diwali: Jewellery Edition

Gifting Ideas for the Ladies This Diwali: Jewellery Edition

Well, Diwali is around the corner, and it’s safe to call it the most dazzling time of the year (literally and figuratively!). As excited as you and I are, there are things we need to decide on and shopping to do, right?. And when we’re talking of Diwali, the first thing that comes to our minds (next to lights, of course) are GIFTS! I know gifts are fun when you are on the receiving end. But when you are the one to decide, it’s a bit of a hassle. Why not take our advice for gifting this Diwali? I swear, we’ll give you the best options. Let’s dive right in!


Ditch the Conventional Soan Papdi This Diwali: Jewellery Gifting Ideas for You!

There’s nothing like too much jewellery - we all unanimously agree to it. And for festive occasions like Diwali, there can’t be anything better than some lovely jewellery that you can artistically pair with your Diwali fits. I mean, let’s be honest. Diwali is not a single day event; it’s a series of events and festivities that we all adore to the core. We don’t see a better occasion than this to gift jewellery - be it to your family members, partner, or relatives and acquaintances. Are you worried about how to pick the right jewellery for gifting? Let us walk you through it!


  •   Antique Jewellery for the Elderly

If you are looking for gifting options to your grandma, mother-in-law, mom or anyone elderly, we suggest you go with antique jewellery. You can find a plethora of options in antique jewellery like necklaces, Kada bangles, pendant chains, and whatnot. They’ll surely appreciate a beautiful gift like that and, in turn, shower you with love and blessings.


  •   White-Rhodium Jewellery for the Work Colleagues

When it comes to working colleagues, you want to keep it classy, elegant and professional. White rhodium jewellery is the best option to go with. Invite them over and hand them the sparkling ornaments and witness their smile. You can gift something as simple as a jhumka set and still steal their heart. 


  •   Long Haar Sets for Distance Relatives

The thing with distant relatives is that we don’t meet them often and we lack the slightest idea of what they like. For such a scenario, you need to go with something that CANNOT go wrong. And long haar necklaces or necklace sets are the best bet for this. Haar necklaces suit pretty much everyone, and there’s no question how beautiful they look with festive outfits like sarees and anarkalis. Go ahead and surprise your relatives!


  •   Personal Touch for the Dearest Ones

It is always fun gifting the ones you know very well - your partner, BFFs, or a family member. The fun lies in picking the kind of gifts you know they’d love and surprise them with the same. For that, we are pretty sure we have something for everyone at We have a wide range of designs and options, from sober and simple jewellery pieces to OTT bridal jewellery. Expect tight hugs from your loved ones this Diwali!


Okay, now that we’ve assisted you in picking gifts for Diwali, there’s one thing we expect in return. If you try any of these ideas, feel free to reach out to us. We’d love to know your stories. We know for a fact that you’re still hung up on what to wear this Diwali. We’ll be up with a Diwali styling blog pretty soon for you. We got you. Stay tuned, and best wishes!

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