How to Embrace Telugu Culture this Ugadi: Outfit and Jewellery Tips that do the trick!

How to Embrace Telugu Culture this Ugadi: Outfit and Jewellery Tips that do the trick!

Ugadi is right around the corner, and we can't keep calm. For those of you who do not know, Ugadi is the festival that marks the beginning of a new year in Telugu states - Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. So technically, it is the first festival of the new year and is full of age-old traditions like any other Indian festival. The same is celebrated in other regions of the country but with different names and customs. I guess that's the beauty of India. 

This Ugadi, let's embrace the Telugu culture with beautiful traditional Telugu clothes and jewellery you love. We are here to help you with the same. Below is a list of some stunning outfit and jewellery tips and ideas we have put together for you to try out this Ugadi. Check them out and channel your inner Telugu diva!

Here is What You Can Wear For Ugadi 2022!

There is a lot of buzz around fusion dressing right now, and we totally dig the mix of styles. But for festivals like Ugadi, which are big on culture, nothing blazes better than traditional outfits. Take our word for it. Here's all that you need to look like an absolute Telugu beauty!

Classic Silk Saree with Killer Kempu Jewellery

Sarees never go wrong on special days filled with traditions. And silk sarees, of all, are the best thing you could drape yourself in for this Telugu festival. What's even better? Completing the outfit with some traditional kempu jewellery that blends into the look flawlessly. If you are a fan of kempu jewellery, you might want to look at our stunning collection.

Lehenga Set and a Lot of Dazzle

The next best thing to saree is a lehenga set if you want to dress over the top. Go for anything colourful festive, and that makes you feel the best. Wondering what kind of jewellery to pair it with? When in doubt, go with CZ jewellery. It goes with every colour and design and makes you shine like the brightest star.

Salwar Suit Clubbed with Pearls

Well, it's almost April, and naturally, the sun is having a moment. If you are not a fan of silk sarees or heavy lehengas for the season, switching to salwar suits might help you slide into the festive mood. And for the jewellery part, you can go with something easy like pearl jewellery. It is light, effortless, and beautiful!

Authentic Parikini Voni/Half Saree Look

If you are brought up in a Telugu household, you must have an idea (at least a faint one) of what parikini voni is. Though it's safe to state that they aren't as popular these days, why not try them out this Ugadi? It is the perfect time to flaunt the Telugu tradition, plus you will get to look gorgeous. It's a win-win, right? While you are at it, do not forget to pair it with some fabulous temple jewellery to finish the festive look!

Alright, ladies. Hope these tips and ideas will help you in jazzing up your Ugadi. Let us know what you like the most about Ugadi in the comments below. 

Stay safe and have a Happy Ugadi!

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