How to Look Like #bridesmaidgoals at Your BFFs Wedding: A guide to Styling Bridesmaid Jewellery

How to Look Like #bridesmaidgoals at Your BFFs Wedding: A guide to Styling Bridesmaid Jewellery

Okay, ladies! Let’s admit that there’s one thing we’re all guilty of - planning our bridesmaid looks for BFF’s wedding years ahead. That being said, when the actual date of the wedding is out, it’s not about dreamy lehengas or pre-planned bachelorette parties anymore.

On one hand, you find yourself drenched in emotions, and on the other hand, you most likely lose your sanity trying to perfect that bridesmaid look you’ve had on your mind for years.

Picking the right outfit is the first step. And styling it with kickass jewellery and accessories is the next and the most important step. Jewellery alone can make or break an out-and-out perfect look  - it’s a no-brainer. Hence, after lots of research and scrolling through Pinterest and Instagram, we’ve established some strong do’s and don’ts in styling jewellery for your bridesmaid outfits. Let us spill the beans and get your bridesmaid looks utterly flawless!

1. Protect the Theme at All Costs

First things first. Do not go beyond the decided wedding theme. This definitely comes first in the ‘list of don’ts’. Not only will that make you look off-the-track but will also fetch you some unwanted attention and gazes. Stick to the theme and choose your jewellery justly. For mainstream mandap weddings, warm-toned jewellery like gold, matte would do great. Whereas for destination weddings like beach weddings, cool-toned jewellery has to take the front seat - pearls, stones, beads, etc. are the best bet. There are tons of options in fashion jewellery and imitation jewellery that you can get your hands on.

This Designer Wedding Choker Necklace Set 91119 is great for mainstream weddings where elegance and pomp go hand in hand.

For traditional themes, you may try going with classic jewellery like this Antique Kempu Long Haar 82338 

2. Play With Colors and Shades

The pressure of getting the whole look right and quick is real, particularly when the clock is ticking. You might be tempted to finalize the jewellery from the very first store you visit. But let me tell you - you are missing out on a lot of fun here. Instead of sticking to conventional and ready-to-go styles, you can try experimenting a bit with colors and get an out-of-the-box look. For instance - if you are going to wear an ivory lehenga - try jewellery with pastel details to add a chic color pop that makes you stand out. Use the color of your outfit as a deciding factor to pick jewellery that enhances it. 

You can choose some really beautiful and colourful necklaces like this CZ Necklace Set 90506 to make you stand out in a themed wedding.

3. Minimalism is the Key

Well, less is more definitely holds true when it comes to accessorizing. Bridesmaid looks are all about delicacy and elegance. So the key to be #bridesmaidgoals at your BFF’s wedding is minimalism. If you are an instaholic, you must have crushed big time on Alia Bhatt’s bridesmaid looks at her BFF - Rhea Khurana’s wedding (me too, girl!). The biggest takeaway from her and many other celebrities is how they swear by one or two statement pieces alone.

Want to nail that subtle but classy look? You can check out this Rhodium and Rose-Gold Designer CZ Necklace Set 91065

Likewise, you can stick to OTT chokers with intricate designs for wide necks, maang tikkas for center-parted hair, and elaborate earrings for high necklines. Wear one accessory and make that count.

Accessories are life-savers! We'd recommend you choose matching Tikkas and Hair Accessories for the theme. This beautiful CZ Maang Tikka 91578 is a perfect match for Gold or Matt Necklaces.

Similarly, you can try this Rhodium-plated CZ Maang Tikka 91211 for matching on Green or White Wedding Lehengas

4. Keep the Bride’s Look in Mind

As a bridesmaid, your duties include but are not limited to fixing the bride’s makeup with occasional touch-ups, being her personal selfie stick, calling her family members or hairdresser as needed, and whatnot. But the most glamorous duty of all would be to stand beside her complementing her look by all means possible. This means you must keep your BFF’s outfit, accessories, and style in mind while choosing yours. That said, do not overshadow her. Keep your look a notch lower than hers - after all, she’s the bride. It’s her day!

Looking for something simple but right for the occasion? This pair of Kundan Chandbali Earrings 87301 is a good choice.

In case you don't want to look too gaudy, we suggest you try this CZ Choker Set 91130, while your BFF can opt for grand-looking wedding sets.

5. Comfort Over Everything

You may look like a million dollars outside, but if you are not having your best time on your BFF’s big day, trust me, it’s not worth it. Be practical and realistic while picking jewellery. Think about all your pain points. Are you irritable to neck jewellery? Are your earlobes sensitive to carry heavy earrings? Consider what works for you, and keep it in mind from start to end while shopping. Try the accessories beforehand to see if they’re gentle on your skin. Always put your comfort first!

Whether its a kada bangle like this CZ Bangle ZBGL10178 or a waist belt for the occasion like this CZ Chain Vaddanam 89811comfort should be your top priority!

We hope this has cleared up some ambiguity in choosing the right jewellery for your bridesmaid look. But if it hasn’t, do not worry. We’re coming up with another detailed blog on styling jewellery according to your bridesmaid outfits. Stay tuned and meanwhile, take a look at our jaw-dropping collection of contemporary jewellery at Violet & Purple.

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