How to Shine Like a Star This Diwali: Dressing Ideas, Jewellery Styling Tips & More

How to Shine Like a Star This Diwali: Dressing Ideas, Jewellery Styling Tips & More

Diwali is here. It's the season where you see a thousand 'This Diwali, be a pataka' quotes every minute all over social media and for good. Seriously though, why burst a firecracker when you can be one? Dressing up for Diwali is so much fun. With family members and guests, perfectly tidied up indoor space and lights all over the streets, the Diwali festival has a fantastic vibe attached to it. No outfit will be too much or too little for a festival like Diwali.  

If you haven't yet decided on what to wear this Diwali, we're here to help you. Here are some ideas on how to dress up and jewel up for the festival of lights and be a star. Check them out!

Diwali Outfit and Jewellery Ideas You'll Love!

Here we have put together some Diwali looks- outfit and jewellery ideas for you. I hope you'll find them helpful. Let's go!

A Dazzling Red Saree with a Matching Necklace Set

A red saree can immediately make you look a hundred times more glamorous. When paired with the right jewellery, a red saree can look like a total bomb. We have some beautiful necklaces and necklace sets that'll go perfectly with your red saree. Do not forget to check them out. A red saree, matching jewellery, and a bindi are all you need to set everyone on fire this Diwali. 


All-white Suit Set with Pastel Jewellery 

If you do not want to put too much effort into deciding what to shop for, an all-white suit set is always an option. It's classy, festive and super ethnic – you can always count on an all-white outfit for traditional occasions. Now here is the fun part! Pair some lovely pastel coloured jewellery with the outfit to instantly add some colour and drama to the plain white dress. Pastel colours go so well with all neutral hues and add a pleasant colour pop to the outfits. Check out our white rhodium pastel jewellery here!

Simple Kurta with Jeans with Elegant Jewellery 

Trying to keep it really minimal? A kurta and jeans is a perfect option to go with. Wear a kurta of your choice with classic blue jeans and add a touch of elegance with simple jewellery. You can go with something really simple and sober – like a pair of bangles, matching jhumkas, or even a finger-ring. Simplicity always goes a long way! 

 Authentic Silk Saree with Long Haar Set and Hip belt 

If you are planning on going all in and dressing up traditionally this Diwali, WE VOUCH FOR YOU! Silk sarees look beyond stunning when you pair them with proper ethnic jewellery. Try long haar sets (along with a choker, if you want a more pronounced look) and a hip belt; you'll look like a goddess. Please refrain from thinking you are overdoing it. Come on-it's Diwali after all! 

Here are our two cents on how you can style your Diwali fits. We are so sure you have plenty of other outfit ideas going on in your mind. And trust me when I tell you, at Violet and Purple, we have jewellery for all those fits. Check out our stunning collections and get your hands on your favourite pieces. Oh, wait! We also have a Super Festive Diwali sale going on. So, don't miss it! 

Wishing you all a Happy and Safe Diwali,


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