It’s Time We Appreciate Waist Belts - We are Here to Tell You Why!

It’s Time We Appreciate Waist Belts - We are Here to Tell You Why!

Waist Belts or Hip Chains are enigmatic wonders of Indian Ethnic Jewellery and evoke a sense of tradition and class. Whether it’s for a traditional wedding or for gatherings at Temples, these are designed to be the perfect fit for the Indian woman. These are timeless ornaments that make you stand out in the crowd and are simply exceptional to wear!

But why wear them and how do you get the best look? We have everything you’ll need to know right below!

What are Waist Belts and Why Bother Wearing Them?

For those of you who have no idea what a waist belt is – it is an ornament worn around the waist or hip to enhance the outfit (majorly saree or lehenga) and create a cinching effect at the waist (YES! Just what corsets do to foreign brides). Simply put, they are Indian versions of corsets but are made of fine metals, stones, beads, etc., like any other ornament. They form a major component of bridal jewellery in India, especially in South-Indian weddings.


Beautiful Waist Belts like this CZ Belt Vaddanam 93283 are bound to keep heads turning, and add flair to your traditional attire.

Remember Alia Bhatt's bridal look in the climax of the Bollywood movie - 2 states? That's a waist belt that she wears with her wedding lehenga. Clearly, it looks beautiful, doesn't it?

The hip belt is known as kamar bandh in Hindi, Vaddanam in Telugu, Oddiyanam in Tamil, and several other names depending on the local languages in respective regions. Not just names, they are available in a variety of designs as well. From basic plain hip belts to the intricate ones embedded with precious stones, the spectrum is wide and certainly loved by all Indian women.

Oh, wait! Did I tell you that there are more than just beauty reasons to wear a waist belt? Yes, you heard me right! These belts hold the outfit in place. Imagine having to wear a beautiful Kanjeevaram silk saree for your favorite cousin's wedding and your pleated pallu gets crumpled when you perform a dance step.

ANNOYING, right? That's a waste of about 30 minutes spent in perfecting the pallu. We don't want that. Waist belts are your best buddies for these days! They hold your perfectly pleated pallu or dupatta in place and create a nice structure to your outfit. ALL HAIL WAIST BELTS!

Do I Really Need to Invest in a Waist Belt: Find Out Here!

The answer is, YES! Invest in waist belts but do it wisely. The number of occasions in a year that requires you to wear a belt is literally countable on fingers. We barely have marriages and functions to attend that we dress up to our full potential. So, pouring loads of money to get one waist belt that you wear everywhere gets boring and repetitive not only for your beholders but also yourself. A much better option would be to get your hands on some quirky, fun, and fashionable styles of belts that you can flaunt with different outfits on different occasions.

chain waist belt

Looking for something light and elegant? Check out this Antique CZ Chain Vaddanam 93180 

Waist belts deserve as much appreciation and love as any other piece of jewellery and even more. Having a hard time trusting us on that? Check out for yourself how amazing these waist belts look. At Violet & Purple, we have a stunning collection of hip belts that are loved by women of all ages. If you are wondering which type of hip belt suits your style or occasion, we’re happy to help you!

Breaking Down the Belt-type or Chain-type dilemma

Before we get things moving, you should know that there are a plethora of varieties in waist belts. We’re here with the widely known ones and the ones that you’d love.  So, based on structure and built, waist belts can be broadly classified into two major categories – belt type and chain type. While belt type offers a more traditional and richer look, chain-type waist belts (or hip chains) are usually subtler in weight and design.

belt type waist belt

For a more traditional affair, we recommend going for belt type Waist Belts like this CZ Belt Vaddanam 89765

Now how do we decide which one to go with? For one, you can think of your outfit. Is it a traditional silk saree with golden brocade? Or a stylish cocktail saree in pastel hues? If it is a silk saree, belt-type is the best bet. They ooze out perfect tradition and make your outfit look regal. If your outfit is more inclined towards contemporary styles, hip chains with delicate designs are a perfect match.

hip chain

Hip-chains need not be slim or thin! You can also go for larger front designs laced with a chain like this CZ Chain Vaddanam 89811

That said, chain-type layered waist belts with golden beads or ghungroos go amazing with silk sarees. So, the key rule is to identify the style of your outfit and pick one accordingly. Let’s talk more about types of waist belts based on their designs to make it even easier for you.

Belt Types Based on Design: Antique, Stone-studded, and More!

We’d rather not mention the NUMBER of waist belt types based on design ‘cause they are countless. However, we’ll brush you through the most popular designs that you can get your hands on. Here we go!

CZ Waist Belts to Shine Like a Diamond

CZ is the favorite for most women when it comes to jewellery designs ‘cause of its similarity to diamonds, cost, and durability. Talking of CZ help belts, why would you not want diamonds dancing on your waistline? (It’s an obvious YES, right?) CZ stone-studded hip belts are usually chain-type, single, or multi-layered often embedded with kundans or colored stones and are super elegant. They go amazing with modern sarees and lehengas.

Keep it simple or heavy depending on your taste! Classic designer belts like this CZ Belt Vaddanam 93284 are great for all occasions

Plain Belt-type for the Balanced Look

Plain is the new hot! This is one of the most versatile styles in hip belts. Plain belt-type hip belts are amazing in the way that they go great with grand, traditional outfits while also having a minimal design which makes them suitable for simple outfits as well - best of both worlds. This is a must-have in every Indian woman’s wardrobe.

Worried about size? Choose from our collection of Flexible Waist Belts like this Flexible Matt CZ Belt Vaddanam 93209

Antique Designs for Ethnic Lovers

If you want to take the ethnic touch a notch higher, go for antique waist belts. Antique belts usually have intricate patterns and look stunning with Indian outfits. Trust me, these are EVERY Indian mom’s favorite (mine too!). They are perfect for huge occasions like weddings.

Antique designs are amazing too! We suggest you look for simple picks like this Antique CZ Chain Vaddanam 87782

Nakshi or Nagas Belts for Festive Vibes

Nakshi or Nagas design includes the motifs of Gods, Goddesses, and similar elements - basically, like temple jewellery. They make a pretty good choice for festivals, pujas, etc. These designs are available in both chain-type and belt-type. You can also find them in coin design which is another popular design in waist belts.

The motif work and heavy designs are what make this Antique Kempu Belt Vaddanam 93179 so beautiful for the occasion

Alright! These are some of the best picks we've got for you. You can totally experiment with different designs and styles. Trying imitation hip-belts instead of gold ones will give you a lot of room for experimenting. You get to choose from a huge variety of designs that are much lighter on your wallet. We highly recommend you check out some stunning designs in hip belts on!

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