Sankranti 2022: An Easy-peasy Guide to Picking Outfits and Jewellery for The 3 Day Festival

Sankranti 2022: An Easy-peasy Guide to Picking Outfits and Jewellery for The 3 Day Festival

Sankranti is here! A harvest festival that is celebrated all over India but with different names. There's something about the festival that's very special to us, Telugu people, since our very childhood. I can't put the finger on what it is for me. Maybe it's the dedication that goes into perfecting the rangoli in a sincere hope to stand out in our colony. Or the hours of effort that goes into deciding every detail of the outfit (let's call it an attempt to make my parents and grandparents happy). Or simply the wait that precedes the festival to meet my favourite cousins. Sankranti in Telugu states is a lot of things – campfire, rangolis, cockfights, traditional delicacies, bullfights, cattle worship, and several other festivities. It is no wonder it is celebrated for three days, 'cause three days feel too less, TBH!

I don't exactly recall when the 'freedom' of dressing up fell into my hands. Because, for so long, I remember, our parents and grandparents more or less took charge of all things shopping – especially when it's festivals like these. And quite honestly, I'm not a huge fan of dressing 'too-dressy' mostly owing to comfort reasons. But for festivals like Sankranti, I'm all in. My mom and grandma always insisted that we barely get to dress up so much, and I think they make a fair point here, so I've made peace with it now. From half-sarees (traditionally called 'Langa-Voni' in Telugu) to ghagra cholis to lehengas and sarees, I go with anything that makes me feel festive. Oh yes, jewellery too. I'd be lying, though, if I say that it's an easy task. But, trust me, the struggle is worth it. I'm sure you can relate. So, I've decided to put together some ethnic looks for you for the three-day saga of festivities. Check them out below!

A Simple Guide to Dressing Up This Sankranti: Outfit and Jewellery Ideas

I'm not gonna confuse you with too many options – that's counterproductive. These few options should do!


Bhogi is the first day that marks the beginning of the festival. There's nothing better than a traditional half-saree in bright colours to kickstart the festivities. Pair it with a nice gold-toned necklace set and a hip belt that can escalate the whole look to another level!

Makar Sankranti

For the second and the most important day, Makar Sankranti, go for an OG silk saree. A lovely silk saree with a perfectly pleated pallu and golden hints to brighten up your day. From a designer maang-tikka to anklets and everything in between– jewel up as much as you like. There's nothing like too much jewellery when it's a silk saree. Do not hold back AT ALL!


For Kanuma, you can opt for something subtle – like a salwar suit or an Anarkali set. A pair of jhumkas and bangles should be good enough for the day. Festival appropriate? Check. Good-looking? Check. Instagram-worthy? Check! You're all sorted now.

I really hope this simple guide has helped you A LITTLE in the battle of deciding outfits for Sankranti. Let me know your favourite thing about the Sankranti festival in the comments section. Mine has to be making rangolis together with my cousins. Tell me yours!

Wishing You all a very Happy Sankranti!

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