Styling jewellery is an art, and not everyone is an artist.

Styling jewellery is an art, and not everyone is an artist.

Styling jewellery is an art, and not everyone is an artist. But the Tollywood actress Samantha definitely has mastered the art. We needed some jewellery inspiration, but we wanted to get it from the best. So we've spent some time going through Samantha's Instagram profile, and that was the best decision we ever made. We've come up with some interesting and exciting jewellery styling ideas and tips inspired from the QUEEN herself! Let's get started!

  1. Leave Halter Necks Undisturbed

Stacking things around your neck is fun, but that looks only fun when your neck is bare. Halter necks do not allow that. They cover your neck and collar bone, partly or fully, or establish their own style detail around the neck. Disturbing that with any neck jewellery will look somewhat off-putting. Hold up! We’re not the only ones who believe in this. Look at Samantha’s saree look from the promotions of the movie ‘Jaanu’. First of all, the saree and the blouse look gorgeous. Secondly, as we discussed, she left the halter-neck undisturbed and just paired earrings. She’s our fashion guru!

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    2. Statement Chokers For The Rescue

Chokers literally save all your last-minute jewellery styling woes. They add an edgy statement to any simple look. We’re head-over-heels in love with this look of Samantha from her photoshoot for a clothing brand. She paired a beautiful embedded choker full of stones, emeralds and pearls in contrast with her designer lehenga choli. The whole look is so elegant, classy and striking. You can find some stunning statement chokers here at


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      3. Stack Those bangles

Bangles are one of the few underrated pieces of jewellery. They are considered old-school and boring for some reason. Let us show you this stacked bangles look of Samantha that will totally change your mind. This look from her instagram profile is something we can’t take our eyes off of. Stacking bangles is ‘a thing’ when it comes to boho or oxidized metal jewellery but this gorgeous actress shows how you actually stack any bangles and stand out. 

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     4. Delicate Jwellery Never Disappoints

Delicate jewellery is the best option in case you are looking for a subtle yet elegant look that will never go wrong. Here is another look from Samantha’s ‘Jaanu’ movie promotion that is a total winner. She paired a minimal and delicate layered necklace with her simple off-white saree, a total stunner! Delicate jewellery is always a good investment as you can pair them with everyday outfits as well. 

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      5. Wing It With a Ring

Are you someone who enjoys wearing jewellery but you don’t want it to stick out? We get it! And we have style advice for you that we’ve noted diligently from Samatha’s instagram profile. Go for Rings!!! Rings are very low-key items of jewellery that most celebrities swear by. You can stack rings like she did for a more pronounced look. Rings with a single stone, bead or pearl are particularly great if you are aiming for a minimal & classy look.


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This is it for today. You can always reach out to us in the comments section for more queries and suggestions regarding anything. Also, while we’re at it, check out our amazing collection of statement jewellery, fine jewellery, silver jewellery and a lot more on Stay tuned for more interesting updates on trends, styling, celebrities, and more!

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