Telugu Weddings and Jewellery - Everything You Need to Know

Telugu Weddings and Jewellery - Everything You Need to Know

Let’s talk about Telugu weddings! Quickly brushing up - Andhra Pradesh and Telangana are the two Telugu speaking states in India. And like every other part of the country, weddings are a HUGE DEAL in these states too. Let’s face it, weddings in India are celebrated with great pomp and fervor. What comes to our minds when we think of Indian weddings? The rich culture, the grand ceremonies and the royal outfits and the spectacle as a whole. Wait! Are we missing something? Yes, we are missing a huge part and you know for a fact that it's JEWELLERY!

Jewellery plays such a huge role in Indian ceremonies, and weddings are definitely not an exception. If anything, Telugu weddings are a notch higher when it comes to the jewellery game. Each ornament serves more than just looks by symbolizing age-old traditions and beliefs. Intriguing, isn’t it? Keep up the enthusiasm ‘cause we’re here with the interesting cultural and historical facts about the ornaments worn in Telugu weddings. Read on to know more!


Telugu Wedding Jewellery and Its Significance 

Personal opinion: Telugu weddings are pretty much the same in the movies and real life. The sincerity in traditions, the festivities, the excitement and the charm are all the same. And speaking of Jewellery, it’s considered more than just adornment but as a symbol of customs and beliefs that are passed on to us by our preceding generations. Okay! Let's cut the small talk and see what each ornament means symbolically.

Ring is considered super important for weddings in general. Apart from the aesthetically good-looking aspect of it, wearing a ring (especially to your ring finger) for weddings has an interesting reason behind it. According to science, the nerves of the ring finger are connected straight to the heart. So, when you wear a ring to your ring finger in your wedding, it is believed symbolically that your hearts are connected. Also, there's another cool theory that says - a ring is a circular loop that has no end, so wearing a ring for a wedding signifies that there’s no end to your love and relationship with the person.

Bangles have also been an indispensable part of Telugu weddings. Traditionally a part of solah shringar for Indian brides, bangles are worn by brides and newlyweds to flaunt their newly acquired marital status. Bangles are usually made of glass, gold and other metals that signify prosperity and good fortune.

Toe rings worn by married women have more significance health-wise than we know. Toe rings are usually made of silver which is a good conductor, known to flush out negativity off of the bride’s body. And the reason they’re worn to the second toe of the feet is because the nerves in the second toe are connected to the uterus. The slight pressure applied by the toe ring on the toe helps regulate the menstrual cycle and to ensure a healthy uterus. Who could’ve thought a pretty li’l toe ring has this huge significance?

Maang tikka has a profound emphasis in Telugu weddings and is considered a must for the same reason. Maang tikka is worn in a way that the chain settles in the centre partition of hair and the locket sits on the forehead. This region is known to be the home of our third eye. By connecting with the third eye, one can harness their wisdom, courage and will power.

Hip belt or waist belt studded with precious stones made of gold and other metals are worn in Telugu weddings. The hip belt not only holds your saree in place but also gives a clean structure to your saree. In olden days, the hip belt was worn as a symbol of the bride's child-bearing capacity. Hip belts are a must-have in Telugu weddings although they aren’t customary in many other regions of India.

This is the most important element in wedding jewellery for Telugu brides. So what’s it about mangalsutra? The black beads in the mangal sutra are to fend off the evil eye and to protect the newlyweds. Mangalsutra is worn till eternity after the wedding signifying the woman’s love and commitment for her significant other.


The fact that jewellery has more than just visual importance in Indian weddings is such a fascinating thing in itself. On top of it, they signify aspects surrounding traditions, health and science - as good as it gets. No wonder we consider jewellery a big deal for weddings. We hope you found this piece of information as amusing as we did. Stay tuned for more updates, trends and interesting stories about Jewellery. Don’t forget to check out - our amazing collections will have you drooling!

Love and Light!

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