Telugu Weddings Part-2

Telugu Weddings Part-2

Important Ceremonies in Telugu Weddings and Bridal Jewellery Options for Each of Them.

India is a country with a diverse range of culture and tradition with different regions and locales celebrating festivities in a beautifully unique way. The Telugu-speaking states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh hold traditional wedding ceremonies in high regard and share common rituals while being remarkably different in several aspects. These Weddings, like other Indian weddings, are all about festivities, guests and grandeur.

Enough of small talk! Let us see what actually are the rituals involved in Telugu weddings. Also, since weddings and jewellery go hand in hand, let us also see how a bride can jewel up for each of these ceremonies. Here we go!

Ceremonies in Telugu Weddings: Bridal Jewellery Ideas

Below are the series of events and rituals performed in Telugu weddings. The procedure may vary slightly depending on the region, community, etc. but the core remains the same. Let’s dive right in and see what Telugu weddings are about and what kind of jewellery suits the best for each occasion!

  • Pradhanam

Pradhanam is more of a pre-wedding ceremony and is usually done in the evening before the wedding. This ritual is only performed at bride’s end, so that’s something very remarkable about it. This is the first time you get the bride all dressed and jewelled up before the actual wedding day. Since this day is all about the bride, you can go over the board and wear the best bridal jewellery that you can get your hands on. A statement choker set in gold or matt finish would look amazing for such occasion.


  • Mangala Snanam

Mangala snanam in Telugu weddings which literally translates to ‘auspicious bath’ is tantamount to ‘haldi ceremony’ celebrated up North. In this event, the bride is smeared with nalugu (a thick paste traditionally made by mixing gram flour and turmeric) followed by a holy bath. 

Picking jewellery for this ceremony can be a little tricky. Avoid anything white and delicate - you don’t want them to turn yellow by the end of the event. Apart from the classic floral jewellery widely-chosen for nalugu (or haldi) ceremony, you can go for a simple golden-beaded chain or a pair of minimal matt anklets as additional adornments.  

  • Gauri Pooja

Gauri pooja, as the name says, is the ritual where the bride worships Goddess Gauri who’s also considered to be the Goddess of fertility and motherhood. For this ceremony, it is best if you go with temple jewellery. Temple jewellery is something that compounds the look and vibe of any festive or traditional event. You can find a huge variety of designs in the same - antique jewellery, kempu jewellery, matt jewellery and more!


  • The Wedding

Well, the wedding, needless to say, is the main event. This includes quite a few step-wise rituals like, for one, the arrival of bride and groom on to the wedding mandap (wedding stage). The bride is brought to the wedding mandap by her maternal uncle. And the bride and groom are not allowed to look at each other until the jeelakarra bellam ritual is performed. This is followed by tying the wedding knot which is followed by saptapadi which involves the couple to walk seven steps together. For the wedding, go with OTT bridal jewellery sets that make you stand out in the crowd. ‘Cause trust me, all the eyes are on you!


  • Reception

Reception is quite flexible in Telugu weddings and can be arranged on the same evening of the wedding or a different day. It’s basically a meet and greet, but with fancy outfits and a lot of guests (and scrumptious food, of course). Receptions are usually set up at nights, so the best choice would be CZ jewellery. CZ jewellery with pastel-coloured stones and white-rhodium polish are perfect for reception-style chic sarees and lehengas.


Telugu weddings and Indian weddings as whole are full of rituals, traditions and fun. Weddings are considered very auspicious and holy in India. Celebrating such a huge occasion with family and people close to our hearts brings us joy and delight. With Violet and Purple, you can double up on the merriment by getting your hands on the huge varieties of bridal and wedding jewellery at affordable price. We are all about wedding festivities, and we have the best jewellery that suits each of your outfits. Check out our collections at If you want to know the significance of each ornament worn in Telugu weddings, check this out. We’re sure you will love it!


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