Here’s How to Find Perfect Jewellery for Your Bridesmaid Outfit!

Here’s How to Find Perfect Jewellery for Your Bridesmaid Outfit!

Hello there! As promised, we are here with part 2 of styling bridesmaid jewellery. Check out part 1 here if you haven’t yet, you don’t wanna miss this! Needless to say, Jewellery is what adds interesting details to the whole look and as a bridesmaid, you definitely want to get it right. We are here to throw light on some detailed aspects of styling jewellery

Why is it Important to Consider Outfit While Choosing Jewellery?

Breaking it down for you in the simplest way: choosing jewellery without knowing the outfit you’re wearing is the same as going on a blind date. Both have the potential to turn out into unplanned disasters. This is why we insist you understand the color, design, and type of your outfit in order to find suitable jewellery that goes well with it. 

Here’s how you can choose jewellery based on your bridesmaid outfit and neckline. Let’s dive into it!

CZ Necklace Set 87919

Beautiful Necklaces like this CZ Necklace 87919 are perfect for nailing the designer bridesmaid look!

Showy Chokers for Scoop Necks

Scoops necks are wide U necks or simply - glamorized round necks. Yes, the ones you see in most Indian soap operas. LOL! The best part about these necklines is that they allow a lot of room for accessorizing. Chokers and choker sets are a lovely match for these necklines. They sit down gracefully around the neck and add a striking highlight to your entire outfit. When you go for something so heavy around the neck, you better stick to simple earrings (unless you want to come off as flashy). Pair it with an elegant maang tikka and set the sangeet dance floor on fire!

We highly recommend you to try this stunning Rose-Gold CZ Choker 91600 to gain super-stylish points at any event!

Remember, not all chokers have to be heavy to ace the look! Try for something mid-sized like this CZ Choker 90745.

Statement Earrings for V-necks

Anyone who has even a slight liking for geometry would develop a HUGE crush for V-necks. They look really flattering, remarkably for blouses - both for sarees and lehengas. A deep V neck creates nice linearity on both sides of the neckline. Anything round and heavy at the neck would disturb the beautiful neck detail. Instead, you can either go with long necklaces that extend to the lower chest or simply stick to statement earrings that do not disturb the neckline at all. Elaborate earrings like jhumkas or chandbalis are a great option too!

You can put on a showstopper like this designer CZ Earring 102877 or go for a western designer look like the CZ Earring 71901 below.

Long Necklaces for Boat Necks

Trust me! Boat neck looks nowhere close to a boat. But, they are one of the best necklines in the biz. They competently define your shoulders and make them look broad. If you have a slim upper body, go for these. For such necklines, long necklaces such as stranded necklaces and layered necklaces that fall below the chest are the best fit. Find some of the best long haar necklaces and CZ necklaces here. You can pair suitable earrings of any size and rock the bridesmaid outfit!

Why go for only CZ necklaces when you can opt for something more traditional like this Antique Kempu Long Haar 102868. For something shorter,we suggest you try this Antique Kempu Necklace Set 102865 below.

Ear Accessories for Collared Necks

Collared necklines give a nice sophisticated touch to your outfit! They are of different types: shirt collar, turtle neck collar, mandarin collar, ruffled collar, and the list goes as long as my shopping bill. Since all of them have a lot going on in the neck region already, you better leave the neck undisturbed. Try accessorising your ears depending on the type of collars. Wait! Earrings are not the only ear accessories to rely on. You may as well try ear cuffs and ear chains. They make a perfect fit for collared necklines and they look SUPER CUTE. If you have trouble finding them, check these out!

Indian traditional jewellery has so many varieties of ear accessories to choose from! Try out this wonderful Antique Jhumka Earrings + Matties 88708 combo for that Bahubali look!

If you don't want to pair it with a fixed jhumka, you can always go for stand-alone ear chains like this Antique CZ Chempaswara 102743.

Alright! These jewellery styling tips should help you stand out at your BFF’s wedding. You can hit us up with any questions, doubts, suggestions, or queries anytime. And if you are looking for some trendy and stylish fashion jewellery, you’ll love our collection at We promise to NEVER disappoint you. Remember, there’s no single way to getting a look right. Just keep experimenting and see what suits your style. Let us know your favorite neckline in the comment section below (Please do! We’d love to know.) 

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